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Home is where you hang your hat. A home is an abstract idea.  The house is the true asset. We at True Roof Pricing understand that a brand-new roof can be costly and is considered a major investment. The need is there, but the cost could send your blood pressure to the outer layers of the stratosphere.  Let our staff at True Roof Pricing help you with that.

True Roof Pricing has a legion of finance companies ready and willing to take your call. And once a potential customer becomes a True Roof Customer, the new customer will have the ability to choose from our assortment of financers to alleviate the stressful costs of roof replacement.


Don’t Put Off A New Roof!

The average cost to replace a full roof is somewhere between $4900 – $18,900 depending on the size of the home, the original type of roof, the new layout and the labor and materials for the project. If you are someone who has $20,000 lying in wait to be used for a roof replacement, then paying cash would be a good idea for you. The average homeowner does not have piles of expendable cash lying around.

If this sounds like you…then financing would be your best option. The True Roof Pricing staff could help you with this. Our staffed professionals are ready to help guide you, the homeowner through the process.

Why is financing a better option than using cash? Financing allows for the homeowner to choose a better roof than they may be able to afford by just using cash alone. Financing allows you, the homeowner to have the new roof NOW, when you need it and finance the payments over years or even decades.


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We offer financing throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

Bank of America
Branch Banking & Trust
Wells Fargp
Anderson Brothers Bank